Acoustic Silencers

M F Sheetmetal manufacture a full range of Acoustic Silencers – circular, rectangular, podded & non podded. Constructed to your specifications our acoustic silencers can be manufactured for a range of applications including: air conditioning systems, dust extraction and exhaust removal.

Manufactured from Australian galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminum our acoustic silencers feature:

  • Perforated galvanised or zincallume internal liner filled with high density rockwool or galsswool insulation.
  • Pittsberg seams for strength and neat appearance
  • Flush mount nuts for easy installation to flange mounting
  • Melinex lining for grease and moisture protection
  • Pods can be fitted to your specifications


Round or oval duct plus full range of fittings,

Round oval or rectangle ducting plus full range of fittings in gauges from .6 to 3mm in galvanised , stainless steel or aluminum

round ducting in sizes from 75mm to 2m in diameter


M F Sheetmetal manufacture a range of sound bar louvers and weather louvers to your specifications. Made from galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminum

  • Fixed or adjustable
  • Sizes from 450mm X 450mm to 2.4m in a single unit
  • M multiple stacking in width and height to your requirements

Plinths & Framework

We manufacture framework in Standard sizes from 300mm X 300mm to 2.4m X 2.4m. Larger sizes can be constructed using joiners and easily assembled on site as you require

Our plinths come in standard profiles 100mm or 150mm or custom profile as required of 1.2 or 1.6 fully welded mitred 90 or 45 degree corners .


M F Sheetmetal's Overlays for bench tops and splash backs are made in satin finish stainless steel, Aluminum Checker plate, propeller plate or galvanised spangled finish.

Gauges of 0.6 to 1.6. Our overlays are tig welded and polish finished. Sizes and shapes can be made to suit your requirements.

Tool boxes

  • Custom made tool boxes to your size and specifications in stainless steel galvanised or aluminium.
  • Powder coated or a range of other finishes.
  • Gagues from 1mm to 3mm
  • All weather proof edging with pittsburgh or wedled seams flush mount stainless steel anti theft locks.

Tool Box Uses include: commercial trucks, box trailers, utes and vans to suit wheel arch

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